She looks at me from afar but ignores me up close

Ask Your Question today. There's a guy at my school who always stares at me from afar blatantly turning around to look at mebut when I walk near him, he has this stressed expression and looks away like he could care less. We've never interacted. Does he hate me? I don't know if I should approach him if he's exhibiting hostility.

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Sounds like shyness to me. I'm ashamed to say I've done the same thing when I'm really, really attracted to someone. Going up and talking to him wouldn't hurt anything! You've got nothing to lose.

If you don't, you may never know if he does have a crush on you. Go for it! I think that he knows that you like him but he doesnt like you, sorry but I really feel that way. Are You Normal? Normal that this guy stares at me from afar and ignores me up close? Is It Normal? Help us keep this site organized and clean. Comments 7 Sort: best oldest.

Comment Hidden show. He's just shy. This guy likes you, but is either too shy or doesn't want you to know he likes you. He's afraid. He's scared. Add A Comment. Submit Reply Cancel. Member Chat My Stuff. Copyright isitnormal.I always catch this girl staring at me from far away and she turns her head really quickly when I notice.

So basically I asked for her name and just said how are you. For the next two weeks she still stares at me from far away a lot but when we pass each other and I say hi, she just says hi, how are you and keeps on walking just giving me a quick look when we say hi.

I don't really know this girl but I ask her to hang out and she rejects me. After the rejection she still does the same thing. Both before and after the rejection I noticed her friends would tell her when I would leave my table. I know this because sometimes her back is facing towards me and only her friend can see me. When I leave my table and look back I'll see her head turned looking at me.

So I'm confused. I thought maybe she was interested but I guess I was wrong since she rejected me. In this case, it probably can mean that though she is interested in you, she probably thinks she isnt good enough to hang out with you.

she looks at me from afar but ignores me up close

I think you can really understand the veracity in her feelings if you continuously pursue her. That might work. Introverts can take their own time to come out of the shell.

Maybe you can try asking her help in some study -work-assignment thing and trying striking a bond of friendship with her, then you can probably ask her out for coffee and try to weasel out what she thinks of you. Answer Save. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!

Guy's Behavior. Is it a shy thing or something? If I am walking towards a group of girls I can see them looking at me from a far off distance but about half way to each other they act like I don't exist. Share Facebook. Why do girls look at me from a distance but ignore me up close? Add Opinion. Girls were checking you out and that's a compliment.

The looking away thing is a part of playing hard to get and maybe you're out of their league or they have a guy. Next time if anyone of them in a group makes eye contact then definitely try to hold eye contact and smile. You'll know by her smile if she's single and interested or just interested. You could and should be really bold and ask for the time or directions or hey do you know what time this place closes. Women love a guy with confidence. Being she was already smiling and your asking something innocent in front of her friends they won't even suspect a thing.

If she engages in this verbal exchange you have about 10 seconds to be memorable. Danni23 Xper 5. Yes, it could be shyness, it could be that they are seeing whether you notice them to boost their ego - who knows! Your getting looks dude, so chill out and enjoy the attention. I would walk up to those girls, confidently, with a smile on my face and say "hello" initiate a conversation. If none respond just smile and walk on.Girl's Behavior.

When she sees me from afar, she ALWAYS looks at me, she'll stop what she's doing, pull away from the group and stare at me. Up close she normally looks everywhere BUT at me, giving me minimal attention. Share Facebook. Girl gives more eye contact from afar, up close she avoids eye contact.

she looks at me from afar but ignores me up close

Add Opinion. I sometimes do this too. When up close it's much scarier haha. It's more daunting and there's really no doubt in the other person's mind that you're staring at them. Staring up close takes a lot of confidence.

What does it mean if she stares at me from afar but ignores me up close?

Its like admitting 'yes I like what I see'. In a non romanticish way people also often feel awkward making eye contact up close, especially if they're shy. My guess is that she likes you but may be too shy to actually let you know.

I really don't know why she does that. One reason would be, she really likes like you but she's shy when your in-front of her. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Related myTakes. Show All. Clitoral stimulation techniques for intense orgasms. My latest visit to the hospital, taking my daughter there with a fever. Where do I fit in with Female power? In what sense Atheists "can" be considered religious.

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Normal that this guy stares at me from afar and ignores me up close?

Why do girls do that? What motives women? Is that just a girl thing? Find out! Hello everyone! This is just a take on a topic that I personally struggle with. I'm currently working on my confidence and self esteem Faithfullycrazy Xper 4. You hear it all the time. Women love confidence. Women are attracted to confidence. For many women, it is true, but it is to their own There are some great women I meet here on GaG from time to time, who are actually intelligent and realistic, who have sex drives and ManOnFire Editor.

A while back I posted a question asking if this photo was too provocative to post on instagram, and I got back lots of messages about my Alright, so I'm a black woman, and being a black woman comes with a lot of ups and downs and one of the downs is dating All my life, For what reason does she keep raising the past? Nothing I can do is ever adequate. One reoccurring subject I RawaajUK Xper 4. The eyes are the window to the soul.

It's not just poetry, there's something almost mind-reading about staring into someone's eyes Insightfull Xper 5.Question- If a chick looks at you far away but when she is close to you she won't even take a glance at you?

Girls: why would you stare at a guy from afar but ignore him when you're close?

The reason she looks at you from far away is because she thinks she doesn't have a chance of her being caught looking at you from a long distance. But when she is close to you she knows that if she stares at you, you would be able to see her from possibly the corner of your eye. Sounds like she is shy.

she looks at me from afar but ignores me up close

She really likes you but she can only manage to look and admire your from a distance cause shes shy. She wont look at you because shes probably afraid that she will turn bright red when you look at her. As long as your sure that she likes you and if you like her I have experienced this a lot of time. She will not look at you when shes near to youinfact she will do the opposite she will look down constantly or somewhere elsebut she will stare at you from for away, typical shy girls trait.

When she stares at you from afar, she is studying you. She is watching you. Its the same that men do to women. When you're up close, you don't want them to notice they are studying you. They are wanting you to make a move, and allowing themselves to not show any emotion because they are shy. Yes, she likes you. If they stare at you from afar, that means they are watching you, watching what you do, watching how you do things, it fascinates them.

Watching someone do something, even the simplest things, is very intriguing.

she looks at me from afar but ignores me up close

Backstory- she's been looking at me for 2 months now and smiles when I'm around Answer Save. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Hey I know what that mean. Maybe she just shy person. She's not sure whether you like her or not. She is interested, talk to her and maybe get to know her? Still have questions?

Get answers by asking now.This girl in college has a group of friends, but she doesn't seem attached to any of them e. However, I caught her staring at me from afar several times for some months and I decided to approach her I'm very shy. So far we've talked 3 times we were alone in all of them : the first one was rather weird I was very nervousand the other two were very good she'd smile at me, look into my eyes, tell me stuff and even laugh -I'd never seen an actual laughter coming from her before.

Apart from that there's the looking: when we're close to each other she mostly ignores me, and when she looks at me it's from afar. For example, several times she walked right by me and pretended I didn't exist, but other times I was talking to other people and I could totally see her staring right into my eyes. When you're far away, it's not as scary for us because you're not right next to us. But when you do get close, we get shy. What does it mean? Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Still have questions?

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